Zbirka: Loungewear

Quality & Details

Clothing made by highly skilled European professionals sets the bar above others that use inferior fabric mixes. With 90% French Terry cotton you're in for the cosiest experience.

Are you tired of non-durable clothing? We have immaculate stitching meant for long term durability.

With a thicker, softer and higher quality fabric you're in for that premium weighted feeling and a piece that will accompany you for years to come.

Tired of seeing tons of wrinkles & ironing all the time? Our loungewear is less prone to wrinkling because we use knit fabric with natural stretch.

Ethically sourced and shipped in recyclable packaging. No bad vibes here.

Each piece crafted according to our strict quality standards and hand checked for imperfections.

Hassle free zone! Need a different size? Let us know and we'll arrange a free & quick return and replacement process!


Limited Quantities

Our goal is to be socially conscious and not produce unnecessary waste
so we decided to make produce smaller batches based on demand and therefore reduce the chances of unsold products.

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